AMETEK Land Set to Showcase Temperature Measurement and Emissions Monitoring Expertise at IEEE Cement Conference 2018


Source: AMETEK Land

AMETEK Land will exhibit at the IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Conference, May 6-8, 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, Booth 506.

Cement is manufactured using a closely-controlled chemical combination of calcium, silicon, aluminium, iron and other ingredients. At key stages in the process, temperature monitoring is essential to providing this close control. Monitoring is important to control emissions and to ensure consistent quality as well as help in overseeing the condition of the kiln and preventing the risk of fire from hot spots throughout the process.

At the IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Conference 2018, AMETEK Land will demonstrate its leading-edge temperature measurement technology. That includes instruments for monitoring the temperature within the burning zone for quality and efficiency, for confirmation at the chute of correct kiln heating and clinker cooling, and, along the length of the kiln, for early indication of refractory lining problems.  AMETEK Land additionally has instruments for spotting hot inclusions at the clinker cooler before they reach the conveyor belt and hot spots in coal piles, and for detecting carbon monoxide build-up in coal mills, which can combust and cause a fire. 

Cement manufacture generates a high level of particulates, including dust, and it emits NOx, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Several of these pollutants are subject to regulation and must be continuously monitored and controlled. At the conference, AMETEK Land will demonstrate its instruments for the continuous monitoring of particulate emissions.

“This is an important cement industry conference, and we look forward to it to demonstrate our extensive expertise in non-contact temperature measurement and emissions monitoring,” notes Richard Gagg, Industry Manager – Metals and Industrial Processing at AMETEK Land. 

“At the conference, we will detail how our products deliver reliable, accurate temperature measurement and emissions monitoring to help improve efficiency, better control processes, and extend the life of valuable plant assets, while potentially reducing plant downtime.”

Among AMETEK Land’s solutions are its LSP-HD 60 infrared linescanner for rotary kiln shell temperature measurement that detects hot or cold spots, which can be indicative of refractory damage.  Predictive measurement like this allows repairs to be made quickly before damage to the kiln occurs, resulting in less downtime, more production and better asset protection.

The AMETEK Land SPOT R100 non-contact infrared pyrometer accurately monitors temperature within the rotary kiln burning zone, where maintaining the correct temperature is essential for cement quality control and kiln energy efficiency. At the clinker chute, temperature measurements from the R100 can confirm correct kiln heating along with information on the clinker cooling rate.

As the cement transfers from the hot clinker to a grate cooler, AMETEK Land’s HotSpotIR infrared scanning system can monitor the clinker for rogue hot inclusions before they reach the belt and cause damage, and, by rapidly detecting particles that have not cooled correctly, the scanner can identify issues with the cooling rate, such as blocked air blowers. 

For compliance and non-compliance opacity and dust monitoring, AMETEK Land’s product line includes the 4200+, 4200 and 4500, which help plant operators continuously monitor particulate emissions to ensure they meet control regulations and avoid possible fines.

The IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Conference 2018 is the cement industry’s largest conference. It includes presentations on the latest technology covering a wide range of topics important to the industry.

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