AMETEK Land standardises certificates of conformity and adds calibration data as standard for fixed thermal imagers and line scanners


Source: AMETEK Land

AMETEK Land has standardised all its Certificates of Conformity for its fixed thermal imagers and line scanners. This includes the ARCNIRNIR-B BorescopeLSP-HD Line ScannerFTI-Eb Borescope and FTI-E instruments.

This means customers now can be assured that when they purchase an AMETEK Land instrument it is provided with a Certificate of Conformity confirming that the instrument has been manufactured and inspected to documented procedures, in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, and calibrated against national and international standards.  It also certifies that the instrument conforms to published specifications, drawings, workmanship standards, and production order requirements. 

The Certificate of Conformity additionally outlines instrument details and specifications, giving vitally important information to the customer.  That includes, for the first time, an image uniformity map showing the measured error at the corner points of the image area. The calibration and check temperatures used for each individual instrument also are detailed within the certificate, in addition to the temperature measurement standard used. 

Earlier in the year, AMETEK Land standardised its Certificates of Conformity for its fixed spot and portable infrared thermometers.  

 “We are extremely proud to have standardised Certificates of Conformity across our fixed and portable thermometers and now our fixed thermal imagers and line scanners,” said Phil Doyle, Customer Service Director at AMETEK Land. “This has major benefits for customers as it gives them even greater assurance of their instrument’s accuracy, as well as clear evidence that it has been calibrated to meet set parameters.  It also ensures customers receive consistency in certificate documentation with each temperature measurement instrument they buy from AMETEK Land.”

AMETEK Land’s calibration service quantifies the instrument’s temperature measurement errors, allowing a customer to apply those errors as compensation to improve practical measurement uncertainty and improve the accuracy of their measurement capability.

In addition, AMETEK Land offers an accredited “Best-in-Class” service for further certification and calibration to those customers, who require specific temperature points and traceability to national and international quality standards. The company has calibration laboratories in the United Kingdom, United States and India, which are accredited against the ISO / IEC 17025:2005 standard as approved by national accreditation bodies to evaluate technical competence, impartiality and performance.

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