AMETEK Land to Present on Accurate Infrared Temperature Measurement For Metal Strip Processing At ECHT 2019


Source: AMETEK Land

Dr. Fiona Turner, Physics Section Manager at AMETEK Land, will present at the European Conference of Heat Treatment (ECHT) 2019 – Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering for Automotive, June 5-7, in Lake Garda, Italy.

Dr. Turner’s topic — “Accurate Infrared Temperature Measurement for Metal Strip Processing” — will be presented during the Industrial Heat Treatment Equipment and Process Innovation session.  Her presentation will focus on the importance of temperature measurement to ensure quality in metal strip and how this affects hardness, ductility, reaction rates and extents of oxidation and reduction, as well as chemical reactions with and adhesion of coatings.  Dr. Turner will also cover how real-time temperature control is essential to avoid waste, as a large volume of product is produced by a continuous strip line before post-process quality checks can be performed.

“The accurate measurement of metal strip is an important consideration as it can significantly affect the quality of the end product,” said Dr. Turner. “I will speak about the cost savings from effectively monitoring temperature, as well as the potential for enhanced process control, based on emissivity data and derived process parameters.” 

The presentation covers how AMETEK Land offers three techniques for the effective measurement of metal strip:


AMETEK Land’s innovative new SPOT GS pyrometer provides continuous and accurate temperature measurement of coated steel strip during the galvanneal reaction. This enables steel producers to accurately measure the temperature in a galvanneal furnace, allowing it to run at optimum throughput rates in order to ensure consistent, high-quality, premium-coated steel demanded by the automotive industry.

All AMETEK Land SPOT pyrometers are designed for high accuracy, reliability, simple installation, configuration and flexible digital communications. The SPOT GS was specifically developed in close collaboration with industry-leading steel producers and plant control system engineers. The SPOT GS pyrometer is set to lead the way in improving steel strip throughput via quality and energy efficiency.

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