AMETEK Land to Showcase Latest Temperature Measurement Technology at Refining and Petrochemical Convention


Source: AMETEK Land

International Refining and Petrochemical Convention, April 20-21, 2017, Hanoi
AMETEK Land, the leading non-contact temperature measurement specialist and manufacturer of the Cyclops™ portable thermometer, will present its latest advancement, the Near Infrared Borescope (NIR-B) 3XR thermal imager, at the 3rd International Refining and Petrochemical Convention.
The convention, which attracts industry-leading companies from around the world to showcase innovations, technology and strategies for Vietnam’s refining and petrochemical industry, will be held April 20-21, 2017 in Hanoi, Vietnam.
“South East Asia is an important market for our Cyclops 390Lportable non-contact thermometer, which is widely sold to pyrolysis, reformer and cracking furnace operators for spot temperature measurement of tube walls,” explains Thomas Fortinberry, Industry Manager for Industrial Gas at AMETEK Land.  
“With the region’s growing industrial gas sector, we are looking to develop new opportunities for our NIR-B 3XR thermal imager, which allows accurate continuous temperature measurement data to be taken, stored and trended over the lifetime of a furnace. We look forward to demonstrating what this means in terms of increased productivity, greater asset protection and enhanced tube life,” he adds.
ATEX and IECEX approved and CSA certified, the NIR-B 3XR offers real-time temperature measurement of both the tube skin and the refractory surface. It provides highly accurate continuous temperature monitoring of tube walls, combining a high-resolution image with a wide-angle field of view (90°) that allows multiple reformer tubes to be imaged and measured simultaneously. 
That capability is critical to extending asset life and maximising efficiency, as a -10 °C measurement error over time can result in either 1% lost productivity or a +10 °C error can result in 25% reduction in tube life.  
AMETEK Land also will demonstrate its Gold Cup thermometer, which provides absolute temperature measurement of tube walls. It consists of a gold cup hemispherical reflector, which produces a reliable and repeatable measurement area that is independent and not affected by various emissivity levels.  
The Gold Cup thermometer features a narrow protective edge, which prevents reflected radiation from the hotter surroundings from entering the cavity formed between the tube and the gold cup. 
The Cyclops 390LNIR-B 3XR and Gold Cup are ideal for ensuring highly accurate spot, continuous and absolute temperature measurement for pyrolysis, reformer and cracking furnaces.

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