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AMETEK Model WDG-V Combustion Analyzer


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PITTSBURGH, PA -- The Thermox® WDG-V combustion analyzer from AMETEK Process Instruments has been third-party certified for Zone 1 hazardous locations, allowing the unit to operate in areas in which hazardous vapors and gases will continuously be present.

The WDG-V analyzer offers a complete solution for combustion process control and safety with redundancy and diagnostics that provide end users with digitally transmitted information via Modbus and Ethernet that can be used to implement predictive and proactive Asset Management maintenance programs.

The reliable detection of low-combustion oxygen and/or high combustibles (CO) in a fired heater or boiler is critical to the effectiveness of burner management systems. The WDG-V is the reliable and cost-effective solution for monitoring combustion, reducing excess oxygen, lowering emissions of NOx, CO and CO2 and improving operating efficiency and safety.

Now with a new enclosure design certified for Zone 1 hazardous locations, the WDG-V analyzer provides a new layer of control and safety to the combustion control system for IEC Zone 1 environments, while significantly reducing the risk of an uncontrolled combustion process event. The WDG-V Zone 1 analyzer is IEC 61508 capable of implementation into SIL-2 applications and is suitable for process streams up to 3200oF (1760oC).

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