Amiad Automatic Microfiber (AMF) filter wins California title 22 approval


Source: Amiad Filtration Systems Ltd.

The Amiad Automatic Microfiber (AMF) filtration system received approval for use as a filtration technology for achieving the required turbidity level under the California Water Recycling Criteria, also known as Title 22.  The company’s 20-micron system received the State’s official approval; the AMF system is also available for 10, 7, 3 and 2-micron levels of filtration.

The AMF system represents an innovative and unique solution to sediment removal under the Title 22 program.  The Amiad AMF system captures sediment in microfibers tightly wound around plastic cartridges, and then automatically cleans itself with a high-velocity stream of water deflected off the plastic cartridges.

The Title 22 approval identifies the Amiad AMF as a complement to an approved disinfection process.  Disinfection technologies approved under the Recycling Criteria include chlorine, UV or ozone.  In addition to aiding in compliance with California’s rigorous standards for water recycling, Amiad has demonstrated that sediment pre-filtration optimizes chemical use, reduces shadowing and scattering of UV radiation, and minimizes the creation of disinfection byproducts.

The AMF system also has a compact footprint – both its physical footprint and its environmental footprint, which takes into account the system’s low energy use, lack of chemicals and disposable cartridges, and minimal backflush water discharge.

“In this time when we are facing water scarcity and water quality issues, we need to look at any opportunity to recycle water,” says Jim Lauria, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Amiad USA in Oxnard, Calif.  “Receiving this approval under Title 22 demonstrates that our AMF technology can help in a variety of applications where a process or system needs Title 22-compliant technology, or wherever scarce water resources may be recycled.”

Of course, notes Lauria, water recycling isn’t just a vital issue in California.  Recently, a 10-micron AMF system was approved by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Compliance for tertiary turbidity management at a wastewater treatment plant near Beaufort, SC.

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