AmiPur-PLUS Technology making new strides worldwide


Source: Eco-Tec Inc.

Pickering, Ontario -- Eco-Tec Inc.’s Amine Purification Technology (AmiPur-PLUS) continues to address needs in new global markets, while improving product features and capabilities.

The most recent AmiPur systems, designed and manufactured by Eco-Tec, represent first-time installations in Korea and Taiwan, while another project in Texas marks a step forward in serving the growing syngas market.

Currently, more than 60 gas processing plants and oil refineries in 20 countries have installed, or are set to install, an AmiPur-PLUS for continuous removal of heat stable salts (HSS) from amine circuits, allowing operators to reduce equipment corrosion and filtration costs and improve absorber economy and performance.

Greater Range of Benefits

For an oil refinery in Seoul, Korea, Eco-Tec is supplying a new, advanced version of AmiPur-PLUS, featuring a greater range of benefits, such as increased removal capacity and lower water consumption – delivering more value to clients.

For a synthetic-gas production plant in Longview, Texas, Eco-Tec is providing a modified version of AmiPur-PLUS which can accommodate both the removal of heat stable salts and ferrocyanide.

In Taiwan, providing the very first AmiPur-PLUS to a refinery in that market “is a promising step and opens us up to exciting opportunities there,” says Jenny Shao, Vice President of Sales, Eco-Tec Inc. “This project is another example of how operators globally are recognizing the long-term economic benefits of continuous and permanent amine purification, which holds many advantages over the competition’s temporary systems and periodic service.”

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