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Ammonia stripper pilot for digestate treatment AMFER in operation


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A system has been developed which facilitates removal and ammonia recovery from manure digestate. The digestate is heated and aerated batch wise in a process tank. The air which has become rich in ammonia is removed from the reactor, led through a condenser and further treated in an acid washer. In this washer the ammonia containing air is brought into contact with an acid washing liquid. During passage through the washer the ammonia is captured and an ammonium sulphate solution is formed. The residual air is low in ammonia and subsequently reintroduced into the process in order to recover the thermal energy. The ammonium sulphate solution thus formed is marketed as fertiliser under the name AMFER.

This project is funded by the European Fund for Regional Development within the framework of OP-Zuid (Operational Program for Zuid-Nederland).

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