An Accelerometer for All Occasions

Global sound and vibration expert, Bruel and Kjaer has launched a range of versatile DC Response Accelerometers suitable for testing dynamic acceleration effects on a number of applications, from automotive to aerospace.

Designed to be incredibly robust, the new Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) DC response accelerometers can withstand high mechanical shocks of up to 10 000g and have been gas-damped, making them resistant to temperatures ranging from -54oC to +121oC.

Ideal for measuring low frequency, motion and the tilt of objects under constant force, the DC Accelerometers can be used for studying acceleration effects within many industries, such as aerospace - to test aircrafts, missiles, helicopters and satellites - and automotive manufacturers for testing airbags and seats.

The accelerometers are also suitable for railways, ground transportation testing, structural testing and even studies on whole body motion.

Currently available in 36 variants, Bruel and Kjaer’s DC Response Accelerometers are individually calibrated to provide a specified frequency range and offer two operating temperature ranges to suit customer requirements.

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