An additional metrological approval for DUO


Source: ACOEM

DUO Smart Noise Monitor receives metrological approval from the Swiss Federal Office of Metrology (METAS)
France, May 2012 --

After France in July 2011 and Germany in January 2012, Switzerland has now acknowledged the metrological quality of the DUO sound level meter. The Swiss Federal Office of Metrology (METAS) has approved the DUO as a class 1 sound level meter according to IEC 61672-1 standard. Inspection certificate CH-A3-12096-00 dated February 20, 2012 confirms the compliance of the DUO sound level meter with the reference international standard for sound level meters.

All the acoustic tests performed at METAS confirmed that DUO fulfils the conditions of class 1, for each measurement configuration:

  • reference direction 0° (with or without noise cone) or 90° (noise cone required)
  • with standard windshield or integral protection (with noise cone)

DUO, now approved internationally by several institutes for metrology, is both a classical sound level meter and permanent noise measurement station with unrivaled characteristics,:

  • Built-in WiFi and 3G modem for short and long range communication
  • Built-in GPS antenna for geolocation and time accuracy lower than 50 ms
  • IP55 integrity (including the exclusive GRAS 40CD all-weather microphone).
  • Built-in electrical check for automated check of the measurement chain (CIC principle at 5 frequencies and 2 levels)

 With DUO Smart Noise Monitor, ACOEM offers its customers a unique experience for environmental noise level measurements.

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