An integrated and flexible solution for environmental noise monitoring

Brüel & Kjær releases Environmental Noise Management Software Type 7843, Version 2.5 together with the new version of Noise Monitoring Terminal Type 3639-E/G-200 series for operation with the new software.
The release also includes additional products that can be delivered as turnkey solutions:
  • ENM Flight Tracking Software Type 7846 in a range of options providing visualization and correlation of the flight tracks from radar data with noise and weather data. Includes options for 3D GIS functionality, complaint handling, additional clients, etc.
  • Flight Link Software 7847 for automatically creating input data for INM Version 7 Noise Calculation Software from the flight track information in our Flight Tracking Software
  • Complaints Handling Module Type 7848 for integration in both our Environmental Noise Management and Flight Tracking Software
  • ENM Public Information System Type 7849 for publishing noise monitoring and flight data for access by the general public over the Internet using Google Earth user interface
  • ENM 3D Visualization Module Type 7850 for viewing of 3D maps and model data for integration in both our Environmental Noise Management and Flight Tracking Software

Like its predecessor, Version 2.5 is an innovative and professional solution. Its modern server-client architecture makes it a powerful noise monitoring and data management tool and a solid platform for the future. The additional, fully integrated modules – Flight Tracking, Complaints Handling and ENM 3D Visualization Modules –deliver a complete set of features to support environmental noise management in airports, cities, industries, transport infrastructure, etc. Together with noise calculation software (for example, Predictor or Lima), measured and calculated noise data, as well as other kinds of environmental geo-referenced data, the software can be used for advanced management of noise. For example, ENM System Software Type 7843 is a suitable solution for fulfilling European Directive 2002/49/EC, relating to the assessment and management of environmental noise.

The 3639-E/G-200 series Noise Monitoring Terminals are updated to enable operation with Version 2.5. Functional improvements include data storage of the sound recordings at user-defined time intervals and durations. Furthermore, events can be recorded as high-quality WAV files for post-processing such as tone analysis using FFT.
Environmental Noise Management System Version 2.5 is based on over 30 years continuous experience in providing environmental noise monitoring solutions guaranteeing high-quality and support both now and in the future.

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