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An intriguing fictional epic that makes you think, could this really happen?


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Whaka Publishing announces book release 22nd April 2009, Earth Day: The Weather’s Wrath-O3 by Ade Paul; Global Warming: Fact, Fiction or Farce? Do we need to Act? A green novel to make you ponder, ‘The Great Green Debate: Ecology Vs Economics: Education through Entertainment for Climate Change?’ Take a webvote @ www.whakabooks.com. Are you the apathetic lifestyler, or join the green machine? Our future generations may rue our apathy and ask why we didn't act?

When an important topic like the survival of the planet and our existence come up, then debate will naturally be heated. This is something you don’t want the power brokers to get wrong, yet it is a very complex issue, with multi-factorial extrinsic and intrinsic factors all affecting the outcome, including the solar system, politics, money and scientific analysis. The weather measurements in the past have lacked the precision required to accurately analyse the data and trends when using global computerized climate models due to the variables being so complex. Each variable is open to debate by both sceptics and protagonists. The sceptics argue that data is too inaccurate when using temperature variance and atmospheric gas concentrations. Yet the scientific consensus is that global warming is occurring.

When was the last time you thought about the environment, we all take it for granted in our comfortable first world lifestyles, but imagine a world with meteor showers not rain, UV rays that scorched your skin mutating the nuclei within the cells causing cancer with just minutes of exposure. Even now we see more natural disasters on TV and our insurance premiums always go up. None of us are making enough effort as our tangible risks are low and apathy is easier than action. WHAKAKAHA= make a strong effort.

Natural instinct is for survival, but when the apathetic lifestyler is accepted as status quo, compared to the green protagonist, nature is threatened and meteorological mayhem ensues. Most people live in naïve ignorant bliss of what the future holds, comfortable in their lifestyles and the fear of losing this outweighs honest compassion for the weak in humanity; the pursuit of Darwin’s adaptation for the survival instinct, survival of the strongest, remains.

Some antagonists believe that global warming hype began as a political weapon under the UK Thatcher government, at a time when the coal miners’ strikes and unions were at their strongest and nearly brought down the Conservative Party. Thatcher wanted nuclear power generators and so devised a proposal to the British Academy of Scientists to prove a relationship between global warming and coal powered plants. This is in stark contrast to USA President Obama who advocates greener renewable energy to help recharge the economy by saving money in this recession.

This exciting novel portrays a global civilization sent into economic and civil turmoil, not initially by Wall Street going into freefall, but from the purposeful ozone destruction by Mr. Spratton, TT Enterprises Inc; who wants to hold the countries of the United Nations to ransom to pay for protection from the lethal ultraviolet radiation now bombarding the earth by his stolen adapted deflectors. Without electricity the communication links are severed and clearing bank and international stock market transactions fail, security is breached and systems shut down. When the whole of global commerce ceases, desperation creeps into society as food and products dry up and people change once diseases rampage through communities. See what the effects of this are, and could this really happen?

What we need to understand is that there are many inter-related systems interacting with each other in the atmosphere and the earth reacts to the forcing and feedback mechanisms in place. It is so complex that nobody has a magic bullet to answer this, and until then, the media won’t be interested, as there is no money in it. The human body is as complex, where medical science continues to research cures and techniques, and these regularly make press releases acknowledged by the general media in newspapers, radio, television and the web. Therefore the media need to answer why not environmental products and ecological breakthroughs? Sceptics will argue we don’t need that many weather or ecological stories on the news, but the weather dominates our daily existence, whether it rain, snow or shine.

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