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Anaerobic granular sludge available


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In several industrial sectors anaerobic wastewater treatment is commonly applied. The granular sludge plays a vital role within this technology. In this way waste water containing high levels of organics (COD) is purified effectively. Anaerobic methanogenic biomass present in the reactor transforms the organic matter into biogas. The anaerobic reactors are designed to stimulate the formation of granular sludge, which stays inside the reactor.

However, in unfortunate events sludge may wash out from the reactor (e.g. during a calamity). In order to be able to restart the reactor quickly or to startup a fully new reactor, the anaerobic biomass from an existing installation can be used for inocculation purposes.

Colsen has a track record in water purification and energy production for more than 2 decades and counts numerous customers who are operating an anaerobic WWTP. This is the reason why Colsen is able to mediate in the trading of anaerobic granular sludge.

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