Analox at the VWR show in Oslo? Nor-way!


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In October the Analox Sensor Technology team visited and exhibited to an audience of renowned laboratory and medical equipment distributors at the VWR show in Oslo, Norway. The team went with the intention of spreading the safety message when using different gases in confined spaces. It was found that gas detection was suggested as a borderline product for standard lab applications and not always viewed as essential kit.

Any laboratory using inert gases such as argon, nitrogen or helium as carrier gases or in cryogenics need to consider monitoring the levels oxygen in their working area. These gases displace the oxygen (O2) in the atmosphere, just a drop of 0.5% can start to cause harmful effects. The O2NE+ is a unique oxygen depletion monitor which will help to comply with applicable legislation for your laboratory.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is used as a laboratory gas in cryogenic applications, sample transportation and cell culture. Normal air contains a harmless level of CO2 (0.04%), but any leaks from concentrated sources may create a hazardous atmosphere. The asphyxiating effects of CO2 can occur wherever the gas is used, stored or delivered.

The use of CO2 and its associated storage and delivery presents an ongoing risk to health. A small leak of pressurised CO2 into an enclosed space could pose an invisible and potentially deadly threat. In such situations, a low-cost CO2 leak detection system may be a life-saver.

Analox’s wealth of experience as a supplier of gas-sensing technology has proved beyond doubt that an accurate detection and monitoring system is a crucial safety measure in preventing exposure to excess CO2 and oxygen enrichment and depletion. In response to customer needs, Analox has recently launched a low-cost CO2 sensor – the Ax60 series – designed to continuously monitor the air for rising gas levels alongside its current range of gas monitors.

The effective and relatively easy improvements in safety offered by O2 and CO2 monitoring devices help to prevent serious incidents – and at the same time raise awareness of the potential dangers of using gas in the laboratory.

The team agreed that the VWR show had definitely been worth attending to raise awareness of the potential dangers that can occur within a laboratory environment. It was also pointed out that we were one of the only companies to use another colour other than clinical white to promote our brand… whereas gas remains unseen, our purple banner definitely didn’t!

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