Analox Integral Part Of Innovative Catamaran Project


Source: Analox Sensor Technology

Analox is proud to be just one piece of a larger jigsaw which has helped design the high level integrated dive systems of the Bhagwan Dryden. The Australian naval architecture firm Incat Crowther’s dive support vessel (DSV), is the first catamaran with this type of highly sophisticated equipment on board.

Our SDA oxygen units, which are panel or rack mountable atmosphere monitors, providing accurate displays of oxygen readings taken from fast response, long life electrochemical sensors, have been integrated into the ROV control room.

The 56m vessel has been developed in conjunction with Western Australian companies Bhagwan Marine and Neptune Marine Services and built by Keppel Singmarine in Singapore. It’s been designed to perform six key roles, dive support, geophysical survey, geotechnical survey, cargo transport, hyperbaric rescue and safety standby. The vessel is also fitted with a Comanche ROV, two built in decompression chambers and two Pommec, the Netherlands, launch and recovery systems. It can work in shallow waters, lending itself to draft dive operations, plus it houses diving systems which can handle a depth rating of 50 metres.

Main deck space is ample on board, boasting 160 square metres of cargo space and accommodation for 44 crew members. The hull also includes a gym, change room, cinema, dining quarters, lounge room, dry and cold food storage spaces and three workshops.

We think this is a pretty smooth operator in the DSV world…

Check out the real thing posted by Bhagwan Marine Dryden

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