Analysing C02 levels to detect stowaways


Source: Geotech

In addition to safety and security issues posed by stowaways, drivers are now faced with fines of £2000 for each stowaway carried into the country, as well as potential fines for the vehicle's owner. Companies have an ongoing need for a portable, quick and effective way to detect unwanted travellers inside containers or any other confined space.

Geotech's G150 Stowseeker CO2 analyser specifically measures carbon dioxide in the atmosphere up to 10,000ppm (parts per million).  By sampling CO2 levels within shipping containers and other susceptible spaces, drivers have a straightforward and quick tool to alert them of a potential stowaway within their vehicle.  If a person is hiding inside a vehicle or container, CO2 levels will be much higher.  The person's breathing will be picked up and the analyser will enable drivers to take quick and decisive action.

Geotech's Stowseeker has been developed to incorporate the latest technology, providing the user with a fast, simple-to-use, accurate and robust field kit, complete with a rechargeable battery life of 12 hours.  The one meter long probe attached to the Stowseeker allows drivers to check confined spaces without alerting anyone inside.  CO2 levels can be read in less than 20 seconds in shipping containers, cabs, trailers and any other spaces where 'travellers' could hide.

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