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Analytical Technology introduces new process information note for pharmaceutical industry


Source: Analytical Technology, Inc. (ATI)

Specialist electrochemical sensor manufacturer Analytical Technology announces the availability of a new technical note entitled ‘Calibration of Dissolved Ozone Monitors on Ultra Pure Water Loops’. The free of charge paper, available via email on, discusses the use of ozone for disinfection and the importance of calibration accuracy in monitors measuring dissolved ozone for pharmaceutical grade water.

There has been a significant increase in the use of ozone for the disinfection of ultra pure water systems in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Ozone is commonly used for microbial disinfection during the sanitisation of pharmaceutical grade water which is present in process systems such as washers, autoclaves and secondary water purification systems. Analytical Technology’s new application note illustrates the importance of monitoring levels of dissolved ozone at various points in the water network in order to ensure that adequate ozone levels are present during sanitisation.

The calibration of dissolved ozone monitors operating in the pharmaceutical and medical industries is essential and is often made difficult by the reactivity and half-life of the ozone in water. The new application note is designed to accompany the Q45H/64 Dissolved Ozone Monitor from Analytical Technology and examines common methods of calibration for dissolved ozone monitors, including air calibration and the use of a colorimeter. The Q45H/64 monitor is calibrated using the only method approved by the International Ozone Association, Method 4500 Indigo Dye. Using a colorimeter and indigo dye reagents it is possible for users to carry out on-site, in-situ calibrations for this monitor.

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