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Analytical Technology Offers Complete After Sales Service


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Analytical Technology Inc (ATi) has introduced a complete After Sales service to complement its range of gas and water monitors. ATi, which operates out of premises near Manchester, specialises in the application of electrochemistry to air and water monitoring problems, working with leading companies in the water and waste, pharmaceutical, process, food and beverage and petrochemical industries.

The new After Sales service programme enables ATi’s customers to maintain regulatory compliance and reduce maintenance costs in a wide range of applications from wastewater treatment to pharmaceutical manufacturing. The service offers seven steps to keep plant processes running effectively, including offering quality spares, scheduled maintenance contracts, upgrade plans, expert training, breakdown cover, extended warranty and process optimisation advice.

ATi offers a selection of instrument support options. With a comprehensive stock of spares for its range of water quality and gas detection monitors, ATi can help customers to maintain a level of parts on site to ensure minimum downtime. Scheduled maintenance contracts are also available for a comprehensive range of instrument cover from a single monitor to a network of instruments across a plant. ATi also offers expert training courses, either on-site or at the company’s offices, allowing engineers to confidently carry out routine maintenance and calibration procedures. In addition to product support, the company’s expert engineers are available to advise customers on using ATi instruments to optimise process control.

Mike Strahand, General Manager at ATi, comments, “ATi is a customer-focused company and we feel that it is essential to maintain strong links with clients after the sales process is complete. Implementing an after sales service gives companies the opportunity to maximise their investment by extending the life of the instrument and optimising working processes.”

As part of the After Sales programme, ATi also offers customers the chance to upgrade their instrument as a less costly alternative to replacement. Breakdown cover is available with helpline assistance and same day service and customers also have the option to extend the warranty of the instrument up to three years.

ATi has a growing customer base including United Utilities, Scottish Water, Bristol Water and Thames Water in the UK.

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