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Analytik Jena AG: multi EA 5000 - Chlorine Determination in Petro Matrices


Offshore-produced oil contains considerable chlorine contents, which adversely affect the transportation and refining process. High temperature oxidation followed by coulometric titration is the ideal technique to determine this parameter but suffers from incomplete combustion, escalating with the sample complexity. But the intelligent flame sensor technology of multi EA® 5000 fully automatically takes the varied combustion behaviors of samples and different quantities into account, which leads to complete oxidation, small variations, less need for replicates, and a distinct reduction of maintenance requirements. Besides, it is twice as fast as common systems, allows to calibrate the system independently of the sample matrix, and ensures automated analysis even of unknown samples.

Flame sensor technology - Your advantages at a glance:

  • A single method for sample matrices with the same state of aggregation
  • Matrix-dependent adjustment of process parameters is now redundant
  • No prior knowledge of the combustion behavior of the samples required
  • No time-consuming method development
  • Uniquely high sample quantities
  • A guaranteed quantitative sample decomposition, no more soot formation in systems
  • Improved precision thanks to complete oxidation
  • Minimized effects of sample matrix
  • Clearly reduced maintenance effort

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