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Analytik Jena AG: multi EA 5000 — Determination of Chlorine in Crude Oil


The fast and reliable determination of chlorine in crude oil and related matrices is important for refineries. The chlorine content in crude oil and its fractions is the main reason of corrosion, which causes considerable damage to pipelines and tanks and leads to catalyst poisoning. Monitoring methods based on combustion followed by coulometric titration have a great tendency to incomplete combustion (soot). They tend to errors caused by the matrix properties and increasing sample quantities. This can be prevented by the intelligent flame sensor technology of multi EA ® 5000. It monitors and regulates the combustion, prevents soot and thus guarantees extremely accurate readings even for unknown samples.

About Analytik Jena: Founded in 1990 as a sales and service company for analytical technology, Analytik Jena AG has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of analytical and bioanalytical systems for industrial and scientific applications. Since the birth of the company, its success has been based on its sustainable strategy of combining the long-standing innovative strength and high-end products of Jena/Thuringia with the growth potential of international markets. In the three symbiotically related business units for specialized instruments 'Analytical Instrumentation', 'Life Science' and 'Optics', Analytik Jena offers analytical, bioanalytical and optical products in a modern and popular segment of technology. For more information, visit

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