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Analytik Jena AG: SPECORD® PLUS - Limitless Possibilities for UV/Vis Analysis


Thanks to an extensive range of accessories the SPECORD® PLUS UV/Vis spectrophotometers provide individuality and flexible operation in routine and special analysis. They offer the ideal equipment for different applications in research and development, production, quality control and several other fields.

Reflecting properties of diverse materials or coatings can be determined using various reflectance attachments. An integrating sphere enables measurements of transmittance and diffuse reflectance of scattering solid or liquid samples as well as of powdery samples. With a solid sample holder transmittance characteristics of solid samples can be examined. Various cell changers - thermostatted, with or without stirrer - allow quantitative analysis of numerous substances with a high sample throughput. Reactions which require a reliable temperature control can be carried out with Peltier temperature controlled cell holders. They guarantee a temperature accuracy of ±0.1 °C in a wide temperature range. Small sample volumes can be examined precisely using the adjustable cell holder and an ultra micro cell.

The SPECORD PLUS Dissolution provides online UV/Vis measurements of automatic test series in pharmaceutical applications. Ready to use test kits, e.g. for water analyses can be analyzed using the round cell holder. These determinations can be automated with the sipper system. In combination with an autosampler they are done even more efficiently. Less degradable organic compounds can be analyzed directly in the sample using a measuring probe. A special position for turbid samples allows reliable measurements of scattering samples without additional accessories.

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