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10 Years Long-Term Warranty on NDIR Detector

Are you facing detection problems with your TOC analyzer frequently? You should work with the most robust and most sensitive NDIR detector for TOC analysis on the market! The unique Focus Radiation NDIR Detector (FR-NDIR) for the multi N/C series combines sensitivity and a wide working range with a unique robustness. This new type of NDIR detector is corrosion-resistant, which ensures reliable results and high stability you can rely on: Analytik Jena now provides a 10 years long-term warranty for the 'heart' of each multi N/C analyzer - the FR-NDIR detector!

Higher sensitivity and long-term stability are the brand marks of the Focus Radiation NDIR Detector. Due to a new and unique detector design radiation density surpasses classical detectors many times. There are no energy losses like known by corrosion-prone reflection based NDIR detectors.

multi N/C - TOC analysis at the highest level - with the most robust and sensitive wide range NDIR detector in the market: Now with unique 10 years NDIR detector warranty!

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