Analytik Jena assigns award for best customer quote on the occasion of the SPECORD anniversary


Source: Analytik Jena AG

Mannheim/Jena -- The MVV Energie AG won the great Analytik Jena quote campaign related to the proven SPECORD device. The Analytik Jena AG awarded a price for the best customer quote as part of a Germany-wide customer competition on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of their SPECORD product series.

'I am happy about the great participation of our customers in the campaign and the many creative contributions which made it very hard for us to decide. This is not only an expression of a high level of satisfaction but also of the great loyalty of the customers to our instruments and the company Analytik Jena', says Torsten Olschewski, General Manager of the business unit Analytical Instrumentation at the Analytik Jena AG.

The dual beam photometers for the spectral range from UV to NIR of the SPECORD PLUS series offer the right solution for innumerable applications - from routine analysis to the special use in chemistry, pharmacy, medicine, food control, environment, life science, and many more. The SPECORD PLUS from the Mannheim-based water analysis team of the MVV Energie AG is among the more than 150,000 photometers from Jena installed all across the world. The team expressed its belief in the quality of the device with the winning quote: 'Spectroscopy is not at all difficult with SPECORD and Lambert-Beer.'

The water laboratory team of the MVV Energie AG analyses drinking, boiler and surface water and uses the SPECORD 200 PLUS to measure ammonium, nitrite, cyanide, phosphate, coloration (SAC values), and silicate in samples from water utilities to monitor and secure the drinking water quality in the region. With a total revenue of almost EUR 4 billion the MVV Energie group is one of the leading energy companies in Germany. The locally and regionally rooted company group with some 5,500 employees supplies electricity, heat, gas, and clean drinking water to their customers.

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