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Analytik Jena awards a prize for the oldest SPECORD spectrophotometer


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Analytik Jena AG has awarded a prize for the oldest functioning instrument from the renowned and long-established SPECORD product range in Germany. The award went to the chemist Ulrich Werner from Rothenburg, Germany for his 38 year old VSU 2 spectrophotometer, a predecessor of the SPECORD by Carl Zeiss. As part of the award, Mr Werner received a winner’s trophy plus a SPECORD 50 PLUS, an instrument from the most recent series by Analytik Jena.

The dual beam photometers of the SPECORD series for the spectral range from UV to NIR offer the right solution for innumerable applications – from routine analysis to the special use in chemistry, pharmacy, medicine, food control, environment, life science and many other areas. With more than 150,000 photometers from Jena installed worldwide, the SPECORD is a classic and already has a tradition of 50 years. As part of the company's 50th anniversary celebrations, Analytik Jena AG had searched for the oldest functioning instrument from the traditional brand.

The award-winning device in possession of the now retired Mr Werner once belonged to the inventory of the former East German state-owned sheet glass factory VEB Uhsmannsdorf and had first been made available and commissioned in 1975. In his capacity as the head of a laboratory for the development of innovative welding protection glass, it was Werner himself who had acquired the instrument for his company. In these long gone days, the instrument was used to determine transmission factors of welding protection glass and sheet glass, as well as for calculating colorimetric values based on Helmholtz. Specifically, it was used to determine the color values of welding protection glass affording the best protection. When the laboratory was closed, the instrument came into Mr Werner's possession and has since served for the chemist's own research such as comparative measurements or the determination of the iron content of window glass, on which he also publishes papers in specialist journals. He will use his new photometer for measurements in these areas.

After taking over the analytical measurements division of Carl Zeiss Jena in 1995, Analytik Jena AG continued both the research and development activities and the production of the world-renowned and long-established Zeiss products in the field of analytical instruments, such as the SPECORD.

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