Analytik Jena Delivers Instruments for Environmental Analysis to Poland


Source: Analytik Jena AG

Jena, Germany — Analytik Jena AG has received an extensive new order from Poland. The system provider of analytic measurement technology headquartered in Jena, Germany, is delivering a total of 20 TOC analyzers to the Polish Inspectorate of Environmental Protection (GIOS) as well as their regional investigations offices. The company was therefore able to further strengthen its market position in the neighboring country.

The project was acquired by marketing partner Meranco in Poznan, Poland, which has successfully been acting as an exclusive distributor for the business unit of Analytical Instrumentation in this region for many years.

'This project is a great success for Analytik Jena. We are able to further expand our position as a provider of high-quality analytic measurement instruments in Poland and secure important competitive advantages,' said Klaus Berka, CEO of Analytik Jena AG.

The TOC analyzer is an instrument for measuring the total organic carbon content in aqueous and solid samples. The technology is used for determining the water quality in lakes, rivers and waste waters. The area of environmental analysis is a globally growing market determined by international and national regulations. The analysis of total organic carbon (TOC) is an important parameter in this process.

'With increasing general conditions in the area of environmental protection and the related area of resource management, the requirements on appropriate technology for analysis of this sector are increasing as well. This project clearly shows that the products of Analytik Jena are recognized as excellent technologies, particularly in the public authority segment abroad,' said Torsten Olschewski, Sales and Marketing Director in the Analytical Instrumentation business unit at Analytik Jena.

The project is part of the program for the regional development of Poland, co-financed by the European Union. The goal is to optimize the handling of existing resources and to avert environmental risks.

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