And now GPRS and other exciting features for GaugerGSM…

Feb 10, 2011 --

And now GPRS and other exciting features for GaugerGSM...

GaugerGSM is an innovative wireless ultrasonic level meter and a platform for exciting new features.

GPRS communication is now expanding SMS capabilities. With GPRS, communication costs are lower. Data can be delivered to a central monitoring station at a higher rate. GPRS messages from GaugerGSM are of similar format to SMS. Both message types include measured level, measured temperature and calculated volume. In addition, immediate alerts are provided: theft indication for diesel tank monitoring, overflow conditions in city sewer applications and many more.

Three new level trigger alerts are now supported by GaugerGSM. Each trigger is preconfigured for a specific level. Alerts are immediately sent when the level is crossed. Triggers may be assigned for upwards level crossing, downwards level crossing or both. Level trigger alerts are especially important for tracking tank contents in remote locations. An alert designating 10% from empty level, in the downward crossing direction, is extremely important for just-in-time refilling. 

Alert SMS from GaugerGSM can now be routed to field staff in charge. Information from GaugerGSM can be transmitted to a central monitoring station. With our new central software module – Log & Forwarder, other stakeholders can also be alerted.

Windows 7 support. Configuration and firmware upgrade of GaugerGSM is now supported on Windows7/64 bit platforms. This expands existing support on Windows XP and Windows7/32 bit.

All of SolidAT new features are field upgradeable. Our customers secure their hardware investment while continuously enjoying from new features. With SolidAT GaugerGSM platform concept, our customers benefit from customizations initiated by the large GaugerGSM community of users.

Another solid product from Solid Applied Technologies.

  You Can Measure the Solid Benefits....

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