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Anguil introduces Frac Water Reuse Technology


Source: Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

During the development of unconventional gas reserves, water is an essential element in the process of hydraulic fracturing – commonly called “fracing”.  With regulations for water use becoming increasingly stringent and operators facing more challenges to secure water sources, Anguil Aqua Systems is working to assist the industry in meeting demand through the reuse of this valuable resource.     

The volume of water required to fracture a given well is large and current disposal methods are expensive and unsustainable; making the development of reuse technologies critical. 

As an established supplier of air pollution control systems to the oil and natural gas processing industries, Anguil has worked diligently to develop this proven technology for water reuse in the exploration and drilling sector. 

The Anguil Aqua System:

  • Minimizes Fresh Water Sourcing Requirements
  • Reduces Transportation Costs
  • Alleviates Community Concerns Over Water Reserves
  • Removes Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Turbidity, Oil, Grease, Color & Bacteria.

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