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Anniversary 20 Years BT-Wolfgang Binder Gmbh


A look back over 20 years of success

For nearly 20 years now, Austria has been experiencing a small start-up boom of around 30,000 new companies every year . According to Dr. med. Kantner (Head of Bankruptcy), the level of those that do not make it is between 1.3% and 1.8%. However BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH definitely does not belong amongst them. After 20 years, BT-Wolfgang Binder is amongst the most successful and established companies in Austria.

It was with much courage and enthusiasm, that Heinrich Fuchs took the step of becoming self-employed in 1997 and starting BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH, with only seven employees, in a small, inconspicuous office in Weizerstrasse. The experience of Mr. Wolfgang Binder, who participated in the company and provided a solid base within the environment of the start-up, was very valuable, especially at the beginning. At that time, it was still necessary for public appearances to rely on partner companies and photos for brochures, for example, 20 years ago had to be taken in the premises of BT-Anlagenbau.

Two years after the company was founded, the office in Weizerstrasse became too small for the growing business, and a new, larger company premises had to be found.

Acquisition of a new office building in 1999

The choice came down to the premises of the traditional costume business “Yvonne”, which after substantial reconstruction work offered space for about 20 employees.

However due to further positive development of the business, the former Yvonne’s traditional costume premises soon became too small for the steadily growing number of employees. It was reconstructed a second time in 2003 to create additional workspace for 25 employees.