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Announcing O-Sox™ Remediation Technology for Downwell Deployment of Dissolved Oxygen


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Industry leaders form partnership to offer oxygen releasing socks for aerobic biodegradation in groundwater wells

Stone Mountain, Ga.; Freeport, Ill.; Pittsburgh  – Three premier environmental remediation and service firms have announced a strategic partnership to provide a highly engineered delivery system for the EHC-O™ controlled-release oxygen and nutrient releasing technology for use in groundwater wells. Developed by scientists at Adventus, in close collaboration with manufacturing engineers at Durham Geo Slope Indicator and Field Environmental Instruments, the new O-Sox™ oxygen delivery system is revolutionizing the economics and efficacy of groundwater well remediation.

How it works:

Stimulation of aerobic biodegradation of groundwater contaminants using the EHC-O Oxygen Releasing Compound is deployed in remediation wells with the O-Sox™ delivery system. EHC-O is a proprietary field-proven compound that contains a long-term source of dissolved oxygen and nutrients. In the well, EHC-O reacts with water to release oxygen slowly. Exhausted O-Sox™ are easily replaced with new ones to continue treatment. Organic constituents most amendable to aerobic biodegradation processes include petroleum-based hydrocarbons, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and BTEX.

“Top 10” benefits of using EHC-O and the new O-Sox™ delivery system:

  1. All the field proven benefits of EHC-O.
  2. Substantial time savings in the field since reusable stainless steel canisters are easy to insert and retrieve from the wells.
  3. Quantifiable cost savings exceeding 25 percent over market alternatives realized due to ease of application and lower unit price than competing offerings.
  4. Recoverable canister costs in the first installation.
  5. Ease of determining the exact depth at which the product is deployed.
  6. O-Sox™ and canisters available for two-inch and four-inch wells.
  7. Up to three canisters may be suspended in line to lengthen the active zone.
  8. Even distribution of the active material over the length of the canister(s) because the “socks” do not collapse or bunch up.
  9. Contains nutrients, and is pH-buffered to reduce self-encapsulation.
  10. Estimated longevity of three to six months.

Common questions posed by decision-makers, consultants and Project Managers include:

  • Do I need microbial inoculants? In most cases, the naturally occurring (indigenous) microorganisms are well adapted to the organic constituents of interest and inoculants are not required.
  • What contaminants are amenable to O-Sox™ treatment? The rate and extent of removal of all organic compounds that are biodegraded under aerobic conditions are usually enhanced via the addition of oxygen and inorganic nutrients. Petroleum-based aromatic (e.g., benzene, toluene, xylene, and phenol) and aliphatic hydrocarbon mixtures (e.g., gasoline, heating oil, diesel fuel, jet fuel, and kerosene) are primarily targets; lightly chlorinated ethenes (vinyl chloride), MTBE, dioxane, pentachlorophenol, and many other compounds are also potentially amenable to O-Sox™ treatment.
  • Is it easy to switch over to the O-Sox™ technology? Yes. EHC-O has been accepted by many state regulatory authorities and it has already been employed at sites throughout the USA and Europe.
  • How long do they last? O-Sox™ are typically replaced every three to six months. Various site-specific factors will influence the effective lifetime of the O-Sox™ cartridge; mainly i) constituent type and concentration, and ii) hydrogeological features (groundwater flow rate, Eh, pH, temperature).
  • Do I need to install new wells? No. The O-Sox™ technology is designed to fit into standard two-inch and four-inch diameter groundwater monitoring wells. The canisters have a nominal outside diameter of 1.75- inches for the two-inch size and 3.5-inches for the four-inch size.
  • What is the oxygen delivery rate? The rated delivery is at least 15 pounds of oxygen per 100 pounds of EHC-O, after 200 days

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