Announcing Release 2.0.2 of the web enabled noise calculation solution noise 3D online

An innovative 3D noise prediction online service

Sankt Augustin, Germany, November 1, 2014 -- Sankt Augustin, Germany – Sonja Christiansen Informatik GmbH is announcing Release 2.0.2 of the web enabled noise calculation solution noise 3D online™, an innovative 3D noise prediction online service, launched November 1, 2014.

If you need to predict or map noise levels in the industrial environment and require an affordable tool noise 3D online may be the solution. With noise3D online you will be able to work on noise attenuation matters and refine your solution through iterative calculations to an extent which allows substantial savings in procurement and building cost. Noise maps and quality data are being produced which will be compelling in your noise management, noise prediction or noise planning projects. 


noise 3D online enables commercial and industrial users to assess noise levels with the latest available propagation solution without having to purchase an expensive software license. Instead, leading edge 3D modeling software is used as interface. You can import your own digitized plans or use globally available mapping systems for 3D acoustic modeling. The noise calculation, noise prediction or noise mapping is performed with the approved calculation engine MAPANDGIS ( which is considered to be one of the fastest in the market.


Release 2.0.2 provides new functionality and further enhances the user experience. Server calculations are now working in the background with progress being displayed. The creation of area sources has been streamlined and a very user friendly bulletin board introduced. noise3D online supports MAC and Windows platforms.


Customers are now able to build on existing SketchUp 3D models that have been built by architects or planners for architecture purposes. Once an architecture model has been created and agreed with customers the same model can be extended to assess potential noise control challenges or engineering requirements. This eliminates double work with the 3D tool and provides even more compelling results.


Release 2.0.2 has improved working with Google Earth© providing photorealistic snapshots as ground map for acoustic modelling. Acoustic objects, e.g. buildings, noise sources, bridges or foliage will be placed on the Google Earth snapshot in correct scale. This is more efficient and also more intuitive resulting in higher quality engineering results.

Those wanting to test the noise3D online solution can now work in trial mode. This is free and only requires registration. You will be able to work with a fully functional noise control engineering solution to experience the convenience and power of 3D noise modeling. Results are slightly falsified in the trial mode.

A fine Service Portal has been introduced. It is free for our customers and provides access to many valuable resources, including access to noise control experts and support personnel.


SCI Sonja Christiansen Informatik GmbH has been established in 1992 by the IT professional Ms. Sonja Christiansen. Projects have been delivered successfully in automotive, logistics and environment with a focus on noise protection solutions. SCI is closely associated with Kramer Schalltechnik GmbH a leading German supplier of solutions in the field of noise calculation software. 


For more information about the noise3D online system please visit our web site or contact us at




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