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Announcing the ERS Employment Insider


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As the New Year heads into full swing, we are excited to announce several new additions to the ERS website (www.environmentalrecruiting.com). You may have already noticed the link to current openings in the upper right of the homepage. There, you can view current openings and apply right online. Additionally, under the ‘services‘ (www.environmentalrecruiting.com/services.php) section, you can now submit your resume and also create an alert notifying you of new opportunities as they arrive.

Over the next few weeks, ERS will also be publishing articles covering a wide-range of topics, each targeting a different audience. Job seekers will find such tips as: how to stand out from the competition, tips to a successful interview, and how to best work with a recruiter. Employees will be provided with information on how to secure your position in a rough market, advice on when to stay in your role or examine outside opportunities, and suggestions on keeping your role exciting. Finally, we will provide tips to employers that include: how to motivate staff, questions to ask during an interview to weed out potential problem candidates, and a top interview method that will provide you with detail into the candidate’s thought process.

Here, you will also find articles from industry experts, top leaders of organizations, and other industry related articles. We are always accepting submissions.

We are excited to see what is in store for 2009 and look forward to providing you with our full line of services.

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