AWS Clinical Waste

AWS Clinical Waste

Announcing the new AWS58ANTX2 biohazardous Waste Treatment System


Source: AWS Clinical Waste

Due to AWS continuing efforts to reduce energy consumption, waste water and waste to landfill and incineration AWS have developed the dual AWS58ANT System that doubles treatment capacity whilst lowering consumption per unit of waste treated by one third.

The features and benefits of the AWS58ANTX2 System include a post treatment final rinse cycle that condenses odours and makes the waste suitable for recycling with the rinse water reused in the next cycle.

So not only is energy, water, waste water and odour reduced with the AWS58ANTX2 System but also cost with the potential elimination of the need to dispose of the treated waste to landfill.

This should be factored into feasibility studies when considering biohazardous waste management.

The Capacity of the AWS58ANTX2 is doubled as each AWS Autoclave treats nine (9) 240L MGB’s (bins) per cycle.

Each treatment cycle is approximately 1 hour plus a 10 minute allowance for loading.

Like all AWS Systems the AWS58ANTX2 is fully enclosed and totally automated and can operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week processing 360 bins per day with waste densities up to 250kg/m³.

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