Announcing the official launch of - daily deals from inspiring companies that encourages responsible shopping!

0, the first and only Daily Deal site to feature products solely from companies that are certified socially and environmentally responsible, is officially launching today. is at the forefront in the social entrepreneurial movement of promoting businesses to make a difference and a profit. With an overall vision to inspire and empower social entrepreneurs to succeed, one of the ways helps companies is by utilizing the popular Daily Deal model to encourage and incentivize responsible shopping among consumers.

As a result of the public, and Gen Y in particular, demanding more and more transparency in the companies they buy from, social responsibility has become a major focus of American corporations, both big and small alike.

Founded by young social entrepreneurs who fully recognize and understand the ideals, values, and purchasing behaviors that are important to their generation, is making the 'conscious consumer' trend fresh, hip, and mainstream. The company will offer its nationwide fan base one deal per day at 50-80% off retail price, exclusively from businesses that it certifies as Eco-friendly, Ethical, Humanitarian, and/or Community Conscious.

Every inspiring company featured on is using its organization to make a positive difference in the world, whether it be feeding hungry children in Thailand, empowering female Indian artisans who have overcome extreme poverty to become self-sufficient, or supporting eco-friendly initiatives here at home. delivers these companies, their business practices, and one of their products at an amazing discount directly into the inbox of American shoppers. customers will be emailed one unique deal each day, along with a company bio and rating on why the featured business is socially and environmentally responsible. Products include everything from trendy apparel and footwear, to desirable accessories and all-natural health/beauty supplies, to the latest gadgets, electronics, and sporting goods.

But perhaps the most inspiring part of the model is that for every purchase made on the site, Roozt will donate 1% of the total to the non-profit of the customer's choice. is making responsible shopping \ convenient and conventional for all online consumers, creating a rewarding shopping experience for everyone. The platform proves that you can effortlessly support the right kinds of companies, get cool products, give back, and not have to change your spending habits.

In order to take advantage of Roozt Deals, consumers can sign up on the company website or just make a purchase. Deal alerts are entirely free to register for, and can be done directly at

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