Announcing Verantis – Environmental Solutions Group


Verantis Corporation, successor in interest to Ceilcote Air Pollution Control, is pleased to announce the rebranding of Ceilcote’s core pollution control products and services including its corrosion resistant FRP fans and engineered scrubber systems. A new corporate website has also been launched at

Verantis – Environmental Solutions Group will continue to provide the broad range of air pollution control products and systems that were previously offered and move forward on expanding their portfolio of services to meet market demand. 'Verantis is deeply committed to supplying the innovative engineered solutions and market-proven products its customers need to meet their air pollution control needs,” said Lars Buttkus, President of Verantis. “Both the Air-Cure and Ceilcote brands have been utilized for over 20 years and with the globalization of our business, particularly in Asia, we believe the time has come to establish a new distinctive brand for our global product and service offerings. Verantis will soon be initiating an advertising and marketing campaign in connection with its rebranding.'

Verantis is positioning itself to be a key provider of solutions within the ever changing environmental control industry. The expanding knowledge and capabilities with its highly skilled engineering staff, significant presence in the polysilicon and solar industry, and the always improving product capabilities will allow Verantis to continue to grow.

Verantis Corporation, headquartered in Strongsville, Ohio, is a global leader specializing in the design, engineering, supply and installation of emission control systems for the removal of acid and corrosive gases, fine particulates, and odors caused by airborne aerosols and gases. Solutions include Ionizing Wet Scrubbers, Ionizing Particulate Scrubbers, Venturi Scrubbers, and Scrubbers for Odor Control, in addition to Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) fans, spare parts including tower packing (Tellerette®), tower internals, mist eliminators and field service support. Verantis has operating subsidiaries in China and Singapore.

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