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UK Retail Futures 2014: Music & Video provides comprehensive insight into sector related issues such as market shares and the changing patterns of consumer demand. It combines this with a host of economic, social, technological and political factors to derive thorough sector forecasts over the next five years.


  • Market expenditure, inflation and volume growth forecast to 2014 as well as data from the last ten years.
  • Comprehensive analysis covering inflation, volume and sales growth split by categories
  • Channels of distribution analysis 2009,2010 and 2014 covering music & video specialists and non-specialists.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the key issues set to impact the music & video market over the next five years.


We expect the music & video market to continue to decline in 2010, impacted by the weak economic climate and falling demand for physical product. However the return of the VAT rate to 17.5% masks some of this decline.

Since launch in 2007 Blu-ray has seen a slow uptake and we expect this to continue over the next five years. As well as a small step up from DVD, consumers will bypass straight to digital downloads and invest in other areas such as Sky Plus.

The homogeneous nature of music & video products means that price will always be a key differentiator.

Reasons to Purchase

  • Plan for the future, using this report to develop strategies that will enable you to compete effectively against rivals in tougher market conditions
  • Enhance your understanding of key issues, trends, and dynamics in the market, providing a valuable tool to help steer your business into the future
  • See how the fragile market is expected to perform over the next five years.

Table Of contents


Executive summary: Food & grocery market at a glance


Expenditure forecasts: What consumers spend on food & grocery


Channels of distribution: Where food & grocery products are sold


Specialists forecasts: Sales through specialist food & grocery retailers


Category forecasts: Detailed product category forecasting


Appendix: Methodology, terminology, definitions, principle sources


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