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Another Leading Industrial Gas Company Signs Agreement to Distribute MagneGas Fuel, Includes Major Utility as Customer


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Haun Welding Supply Has 18 Locations in New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont; Agrees to Distribute MagneGas2®, Will be Supplying Major Utility

TAMPA, Florida -- MagneGas Corporation ('MagneGas' or the 'Company') (NASDAQ: MNGA) a leading technology company that counts among its inventions a patented process that converts liquid waste into MagneGas2 fuel, announced today that the Company has signed a Distribution Agreement with Haun Welding Supply of New York ('Haun') adding another key distributor to the Company's growing list of distributors across the United States. Under the terms of the agreement, Haun will be the Company's preferred distributor for MagneGas2 for metal cutting in their territory and to a local major electric utility customer.

Haun will be supplying MagneGas2 fuel in certain areas of New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont. Haun has multiple locations and will be supplying MagneGas2 fuel to a major electric utility company as well as other industrial customers in their territory. With the addition of Haun, MagneGas now covers 100% of the state of New York with product availability through distribution.

'Since 1958, Haun Welding Supply, a family owned business, has been delivering the best in quality and value to our customers. Today Haun is continuing the tradition of quality customer service started by our founder, Orval Haun. Haun Welding Supply and Haun Specialty Gases are committed to providing customers with innovative solutions to the myriad of technical problems faced by manufacturers, fabricators, maintenance personnel, and the individuals who are the foundation of the welding industry. We are constantly on the lookout for technologies that can better serve our large and loyal customer base and when we saw what MagneGas2 can deliver, we knew we had found a game changer for our customers. It performs better and saves them money… AND it's an eco-friendly green gas! We know our customers will see the obvious benefits of using MagneGas2 right away!' commented Mark Haun, President.

'With this relationship with Haun and the others we have in place, we now have distribution covered in all the major hubs in and around the northeast corridor of the United States, so it is a huge win for us. MagneGas2 has shown time and again, that its unique attributes instantly impress new distributors and their clients. We are happy to welcome Haun to the growing MagneGas family of distributors,' stated Ermanno Santilli, CEO of MagneGas Corporation.

The MagneGas IR App is now available for free in Apple's App Store for the iPhone or iPad and at Google Play for Android mobile devices.

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About Haun

Haun is a family business headquartered in Syracuse, New York, with 17 additional locations throughout New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont. Since 1958 and Haun Welding Supply has been delivering the best in quality and value. This philosophy has helped Haun Welding Supply grow into an industry leader in selling and distributing welding equipment, tools, supplies and compressed and liquid gases throughout New York State, northern Pennsylvania, and Vermont.

It also provides welding training, repair, and rental services. Industries that are serviced by Haun include construction, fabrication, manufacturing, commercial, medical, laboratories, education, and homeowners.

One of the major segments served by the company is gas supply. To strengthen and more fully support that business, in 2005 Haun Specialty Gases was formed to specialize in gas supply. Haun Specialty Gases, a sister company, owns and operates a specialized, high efficiency gas fill plant which supplies high-pressure industrial and medical gases as well as high-purity specialty gases. The gases are distributed in either liquid form or as a high-pressure gas through more than 100,000 cylinders and dewars in the Haun system. Haun Specialty Gases manufactures most of the specialty gases it sells, enabling it to meet critical delivery requirements of both Haun Welding Supply and its direct customers. For more information on Haun Welding Supply and their distribution network, please visit the Company's website at

About MagneGas Corporation

MagneGas Corporation (NASDAQ: MNGA). The Company owns a patented process that converts various liquid wastes into hydrogen based fuels. These fuels can be used as a replacement to natural gas or for metal cutting. The Company's testing has shown the fuels are , faster, cleaner and more productive than other alternatives on the market. They are also cost effective and safe to use with little changeover costs. The Company currently sells MagneGas into the metal working market as a replacement to acetylene.

The MagneGas fuel production systems can be set-up locally using various types of feedstock. The Company believes this flexibility can give them an advantage in the Government/Military marketplace as fuels can be manufactured on site from raw materials found locally worldwide and eliminates the time and expense of shipping to the specific military theater. The Company is planning to establish joint ventures with third parties to construct these supply facilities worldwide.

The Company also sells equipment for the sterilization of bio-contaminated liquid waste for various industrial and agricultural markets. In addition, the Company is developing a variety of ancillary uses for MagneGas fuels utilizing its high flame temperature for co-combustion of hydrocarbon fuels and other advanced applications. For more information on MagneGas, please visit the Company's website at

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