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Another order from Pakistan


We’re providing a tailored solution for improved medical waste management

We’ve written before in our weekly blogs how we always enjoy a feeling of pride and achievement every time we receive a new order. So when that order is from a brand new customer based in a country where we haven’t done business for a good many years, then it is doubly satisfying. But what makes this latest order from a leading medical institution based in Karachi, Pakistan so rewarding is it came directly as a result of a meeting we had at this January’s Arab Health Exhibition that was held in Dubai and is further evidence of our growing global success and our expanding network of agents.

This is the first time for a number of years that we have done business with any organisation in Pakistan, but of course now we have achieved our re-introduction into the country we are confident that it won’t be the last.

Our new customer in Pakistan is one of the most reputed medical institutions in that part of Asia and they provide specialised medical care for patients suffering from kidney, liver, related cancer diseases and ethical transplant procedures. The unique philosophy of this hugely respected institution is that they believe no one should die because they cannot afford to live. The majority of their patients come from the marginalised segments of the community and all procedures are free of cost!

As part of their facilities, the institution has ordered a Surefire® 200 medical waste management incinerator with the addition of a wet scrubber.

Our Surefire® range enjoys a reputation as one of the world’s most respected brands of fixed hearth incinerators. With a horizontal cylindrical design and the strongest possible refractory construction, these ultra reliable incinerators ensure years of maintenance-free operation along with unbeatable combustion efficiency. The Surefire® 200 is already a proven solution for efficient medical waste management in countless hospitals, clinics, medical centres and laboratories all around the world.

The inclusion of a low-energy wet scrubber substantially extends its air pollution control credentials by capturing and containing dust particles (particulates) along with potentially harmful heavy metals and acids.

We are now undertaking the manufacture of the unit after which it will be fully factory tested before being shipped to its designated location in Karachi. One of our engineering teams will also be travelling to Pakistan to supervise the installation, commissioning and hand-over.

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