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Enhanced Concentrating Oxygen Soil Vapor Extraction System Creates Zero Emissions Process

ST. PAUL, Minn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- AnteaTMGroup, a global engineering and environmental consulting firm, has been granted a patent for an innovative remediation technology that effectively and safely treats impacted soil and groundwater by creating a recirculatory process with zero emissions and no combustion. The Enhanced Concentrating Oxygen Soil Vapor Extraction (ECO-SVE) system increases subsurface oxygen levels and biotic activity, thus accelerating site clean-up and reducing lifecycle remediation costs compared to conventional remediation systems.

Through the advanced separation of vapor streams, hydrocarbons are removed from the vapor stream and the remaining gases are separated into two air streams; one oxygen enriched and the other consisting of nitrogen and trace gasses. The oxygen enriched stream is re-injected into the subsurface to enhance aerobic degradation and the nitrogen stream is re-injected into the subsurface to foster anaerobic degradation where desirable. This process eliminates atmospheric emissions and associated air permitting monitoring requirements. The first of its kind, ECO-SVE can be used anywhere a traditional SVE system is used and can even replace existing SVE systems with typically minor well reconfiguration or peripheral well replacements. The system has been pilot tested and successfully operated at petroleum-impacted sites in California with positive results.

“ECO-SVE is the next generation in soil vapor extraction and sparging technology,” says Jon Pesicka, PE, Environmental Liability Management Practice Leader for Antea Group. “Designed to protect and preserve the environment, this system offers a green alternative to more traditional remediation systems. Additionally, there are savings to be realized through the system’s elimination of air permitting and emissions monitoring as well as reduced operations, maintenance and energy usage costs.”

ECO-SVE system features include:

  • Zero Emissions, No Volatile Organic Compounds, No Greenhouse Gas, No Carbon Dioxide, No Nitrogen
  • No Combustion
  • No Exhaust
  • No Heating Elements
  • No High Temperature Processes
  • No Supplemental Fuel

U.S. Patent No. 8,210,772 for the ECO-SVE system is the company’s second remediation technology patent in the USA, the first being granted for Sulfate Enhanced Bioremediation in 2006.

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