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Antea Group Intern Creates Lasting Value for Local Breweries Via MnTap Program


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Antea Group is proud to be a participant in MnTap, which has been coordinating an intern program placing highly qualified students in facilities for over 30 years. The program began as a way to facilitate pollution prevention solutions and to provide benefits to both companies and students.

According to MnTap, “Our group of talented and industrious interns identified environmental reductions that could save their companies $1,028,130 annually as well as 1,727,665 pounds of waste [...] and 152,044 therms of energy, and over 45 million gallons of water per year! These results translate into real environmental impacts equivalent to eliminating CO2 emissions from 170 passenger vehicles and waste equal to the weight of approximately 17 metro transit light rail cars. The proposed reductions also equal the energy used to power 91 Minnesota homes and the water used by 1,905 Minneapolis residents.”

Antea Group was thrilled to work with intern Ross Wise, a Chemical Engineering major are the University of Minnesota Twin Cities: “As a MnTAP intern, I have been able to use the skills I developed in the classroom and grow them in the field. Instead of looking at one small part of a process, I have gotten to see and work on a process from start to finish.”

Ross’s work focused on creating sustainability manuals for the Brewers Association, a non-profit association with over 2,700 member breweries and 45,000 member homebrewers. Ross helped to collect data on water, natural gas, energy, and CO2 usage for 25 breweries, and used that information to develop best practices and find potential cost savings.

Solutions that came out of this work included industry benchmarks where none had previously existed, and guidelines for temperature control and maintenance. By installing evaporator fan controllers and and new evaporator fan motors, and by using manual control comfort cooling fans, breweries can save hundreds of dollars a year while also reducing their energy consumption by thousands of kilowatt hours.

John Stier, Senior Consultant with Antea Group, says, “We provided a platform for Ross to apply learned skills to practical applications. He executed the work flawlessly and challenged our assumptions, creating greater value for the client.”

For more information on Ross’s work and the wider MnTap program, check out 2015 MnTAP Solutions - a booklet highlighting the program’s thirteen summer intern projects.

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