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Anthias Consulting receives CPD approval from Royal Society of Chemistry

Source: Anthias Consulting Ltd.

Anthias Consulting's Complete GC & GC-MS training course has been approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) under their training course approval scheme for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

The 5-day training course specialises in all the practical theory needed for analysts to understand their Gas Chromatograph or GC-MS instrument, develop applications, troubleshoot and maintain it.

The next Complete course is on 23rd April 2018 at The Open University in Milton Keynes, UK. For full details of the course and to register, visit Society of Chemistry members can benefit from a discount of 10% on this course when booked at least 6 weeks in advance.

This is a very detailed, thorough course. A delegate from a UK university provided this feedback after attending this course in July 2017:

'Depth of the topics covered was very useful in understanding. Why we do certain things/setup the instrument in a certain way in the lab, very relevant to the research that we do.  Great ranges of topics covered too, very knowledgeable course instructor.' 

Attendees of this course enjoy the depth of the theoretical content combined with practical knowledge and insights. The interactive nature of the courses enables delegates to benefit from the knowledge of the presenter. All trainers are practicing analytical chemists with current skills. Further feedback on this course can be read on the Anthias website.

The Royal Society of Chemistry’s CPD approval process is one of peer review, involving assessment to a set of criteria by experts in their field. The course content must adhere to rigorous quality standards, provide relevant course content and must demonstrate the continual appraisal and improvement of the course. The experience, training and CPD of the trainers are also taken into account along with course organisation and information.

The assessor reviewing the Complete GC & GC-MS course, alongside the Absolute Basics of GC & GC-MS, provided the following feedback (please note, the hands on experience refers to the exercises taking place in the classroom, in particular on the last two days as there are no practical elements to this course in the laboratory):

Anthias Consulting Limited are providing a training package which comprises a 1 day basics, three days practice and essentials and a 2 day clinic. The courses enable the trainee to advance their knowledge and strengthen their ability to make career progression. The courses are also a good investment for employers who wish to train their staff. The trainee would get a lot of hands on experience which is obviously beneficial. The courses have been structured so that those with minimal experience can take the first 3 days and those who are looking to improve or those who need more advanced training are able to take structured courses. The practical exercises are very well thought through and offer the trainees a means to determine if they have understood the theory.

The Complete GC & GC-MS course was first taught in 2007 and first received accreditation by the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2009. Anthias was one of the first training providers to receive approval with the RSC’s new scheme in 2014. Since then, Anthias Consulting’s trainers have delivered the course to delegates from all over the world, both at Anthias’ training facility at The Open University in Milton Keynes, UK as well as onsite at customer’s laboratories. It is also a popular course with universities worldwide who partner with Anthias Consulting to host the course at their facility, enabling Anthias to reach delegates in the local region and offering the opportunity to improve an organisation's visibility.

Senior Consultant and Director Diane Turner is delighted with the latest approval: “This recognition from the Royal Society of Chemistry reinforces our commitment to the continuous high quality of our analytical training courses. We strive to continuously improve our courses through comments and feedback from our delegates to ensure they are returning to their lab or office with useful knowledge that they can instantly apply to their work.

To register for the next Complete GC & GC-MS scheduled course, visit

The majority of Anthias Consulting’s training courses are approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry for the purposes of CPD. For a full list of CPD-approved training courses available, visit the Royal Society of Chemistry’s searchable CPD database.