Anthias Supports Users of Varian GC & GC-MS Instrumentation through New Training Courses


Source: Anthias Consulting Ltd.

Whenever you invest in GC equipment you do it with all the best intentions and with the right motivations but one key aspect of working with new or inherited equipment is that you get the most from it – 'Bang for your Buck' as our friends across the pond like to say.

Anthias as a manufacturer independent provider of training and consulting in the GC and GC-MS arena gets a variety of enquires relating to hardware, software and the interaction of the two from a range of channels and for a range of equipment. Varian based enquiries is one such platform that Anthias has had a range of approaches on recently.

Diane Turner Senior Consultant and Founder of Anthias Consulting wanted to try and address this obvious need 'We know that training can be key for users from all backgrounds and sectors to get the best return from the equipment they use … Varian is no exception and based on the approaches we have had it seemed right to use our experience to provide a course that would be able to answer the range of questions users are facing.'

Anthias knows that sometimes pure classroom based training is the answer to the questions, but many clients want and need to be able to have a hands-on approach. With this in mind Anthias Senior Consultant Dr Imran Janmohamed has recently completed setting up a Varian machine to form the basis of a new Varian training course. 'We always have so many questions from delegates that attend our courses, which we enjoy. Having high quality theoretical training and presentations is key to learning every technique and no course should ever be 100% in the lab, as understanding what is actually happening inside the instrumentation cannot be learned purely by looking at the 'box'. However, no matter how good a classroom based course is, getting hands-on is often the difference that helps some of us to really understand how something works .. or to make it work!” he added “Anthias understand this and so the addition of this equipment will hopefully help us provide the level of training that our delegates need in relation to Varian based instrumentation.'

Diane Turner said: 'Anthias really understand that clients need on-going support for the equipment they use … getting the most Bang for their Buck not only on equipment but on associated training. With the availability of our Varian based courses and practical experience with the hardware and software, Anthias are pleased to provide support for the users of Varian GC and GC-MS instrumentation.'

Our next Varian course is: 4-day Comprehensive GC-MS Training (Varian Ion Trap with MSWorkstation) on 21st June - see the course description.

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