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Anti abrasion mining dewatering slurry pump finished in Hebei Zidong Pump company

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mining dewatering slurry pump finished

Mining dewatering slurry pump finished in Hebei Zidong Pump company:

Zidong ZH slurry pump is special designed for convey water and solid mixture medium.

It is suitable to convey strong abrasive and high-hardness, strong-corrosion and high-concentration liquids that contain suspended solid particles.

Recently, Zidong Pump company finished new project on wear-resistant mining dewatering pump project in Indonesia.

Our valued Indonesia customer used 2 kind of our slurry pumps : Submersible slurry pump with side cutters(agitating system) + Horizontal high pressure dewatering slurry pumps. This solution greatly improved the effiency and output capacity,and received nice feedbacks.

The ZH metal liner slurry pump is a single-stage, single-suction and horizontal heavy duty centrifugal slurry pump with a cantilever design.

Parts in contacting with the medium are made of latest wear-resistance 27% chrome alloy white iron with hardness 62HRC over, which has an excellent feature for maximum resistance to strong abrasive, coarse particle.

Designed for continuous conveying highly abrasive and high-hardness, high-concentration, low-corrosion slurries contain suspended solid particles, such as finished ores, refuse ores, ashes, cinders, cements, mud, mineral stones in the tailing mining,minerals recycling ,coal washing, industries of metallurgy, pulp and paper manufacture , power plant, building material,&chemical engineering, sand dredging ect.

A centrifugal slurry pump is mainly composed of 3 parts:

1. The wetted parts (such as impeller, volute ,throatbush,FPL insert)

2. Shaft seal parts(such as gland packing seal, expeller seal or dynamic seal,etc.)

3. Bearing assembly parts,etc.

Bearing assembly: - A large diameter shaft with short overhang minimizes deflection and contributes to long bearing life.Only four through bolts are required to hold the cartridge type housing in the frame.

Drive types: Such as V belt drive, gear reducer drive, fluid coupling drive, and frequency conversion drive devices.


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