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Anti Bird Net system and rapid response needed before Pigeon breeding season begins


Source: Eco Environmental Services Ltd

Dawnus Construction called on Eco Environmental to seal redundant water tanks to prevent them being nested by pigeons ahead of engineering works at a Water Treatment Works in South Wales.

A rapid response was needed as the works were due to start just before the birds' breeding season began. We installed our Birdnet system of 19mm black bird netting on stainless steel fixings to seal the enclosures. Our Bird Net system is one of the most effective and long lasting ways of bird proofing buildings and other structures against all urban bird species. The anti bird net system provides an impenetrable barrier that protects buildings without harming the birds.

Eco completed the task within 3 days of being asked to carry out the works and before any birds established. This now means that Dawnus Construction will be able to start the engineering works at the Water Treatment Works without having any delays or problems as a result of nesting pigeons.

Here at Eco Environmental, we can provide a wide range of pigeon deterrents to pigeon proof your buildings using a multitude of different approaches: with pigeon deterrents such as our specialist pigeon netting, pigeon spikes and even bird scarers, we will create a bespoke pigeon proofing solution to manage your bird control problem.

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