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APP is presenting and exhibiting at the EBW conference on January 25th and 26th, 2011


Source: Advanced Plasma Power Limited (APP)

Advanced Plasma Power (“APP”) is presenting and exhibiting at the Energy from Biomass and Waste Conference in the Royal Horticultural Halls and Conference Centre in London, January 25th and 26th 2011.

Andrew Morris (Finance and Business Development Director) will give a presentation on Advanced Plasma Power’s internationally patented advanced conversion technology, Gasplasma, in the Lecture Hall at 9.30am on Wednesday 26th January.

APP will also be exhibiting throughout the conference, on Stand 206, in the Lawrence Hall (a map of the venue is attached).

The Energy from Biomass and Waste UK (“EBW”) exhibition and conference is the key event for both buyers and vendors of cutting-edge waste and biomass treatment technologies. Some of the main areas of focus include anaerobic digestion, biomass and waste CHP, and advanced thermal treatment.

Advanced Plasma Power limited, established in 2005, is the UK’s first waste-to-energy company using breakthrough Gasplasma technology.

Gasplasma is based on proven sub-systems that offer an effective solution to two of the world’s most significant environmental issues: the need for low carbon renewable energy and the need for cleaner, environmentally sustainable, waste management solutions.

Advanced Plasma Power has successfully developed and operates a Gasplasma facility in Swindon, and is commencing commercial operations through a variety of joint ventures and licensing partnerships worldwide.

APP’s Gasplasma technology economically converts waste fuels into two recyclable products;

  1. A clean, hydrogen rich synthesis gas (“syngas”), capable of generating high electrical output
  2. An inert aggregate (“Plasmarok®”) that can be reused as a component for building materials and consumer products.

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