Application for Spectro Phoenix II enables screening of ultra-low sulfur diesel

Inexpensive Compact EDXRF Instrument for Screening and Onsite Control

Marble Falls, TX, February 2007 – The determination of sulfur in fuels is one of the most important analytical applications in the petroleum oil industry. As one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of analytical instruments for energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis (EDXRF), SPECTRO has prepared a new application for the SPECTRO PHOENIX II EDXRF analyzer for this analytical task. This inexpensive compact instrument has been designed for utilization in refineries, pipelines, terminals, tank farms and distribution centers and is especially easy to operate. In production control and sorting control of sulfur petroleum oils, the instrument enables sulfur determination in accordance with ASTM D4294, IP 336, IP 496, ISO 8754 and ISO 20847.

SPECTRO has prepared an application report about the new application with detailed information as to the analytical procedure and measurement results.  The PHOENIX II design is ideal for the screening, identification and verification of ULSD (ultra-low sulfur diesel) at peripheral test points.  The report can be requested.

As documented in the report, the new application is thoroughly tailored to simple use. This begins with the simple sample preparation. Due to its polarized excitation source and rugged proportional counter detector, the SPECTRO PHOENIX II achieves a very low detection limit for sulfur while maintaining high precision for the measurement.  In addition to ULSD the PHOENIX II also measures sulfur at the higher levels in off-road diesel,  aviation gasoline, kerosene, bunker fuel and crude oil, as well as the low sulfur in gasolines and road diesels.  Several elements can be measured in residual oils, lube oils, waste oils and cutting fluids.  This enables the application to deal with many analytical tasks in production control in the petrochemical industry.

The PHOENIX II does not require an external mouse or keyboard and offers USB, VGA and Ethernet connections for networking and connecting to external devices. As a useful tool in the petroleum industry, the PHOENIX II XRF system gives the operator a unique combination of simplicity, high powered X-rays, a rugged detector system and a high sample throughput, all at a very affordable price.

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