Application Note MFD: Elemental Analysis


Source: Axetris Ag

Axetris, Mass Flow Devices, Leister Corporate
High-performance elemental analysis using Axetris MFCs. Repeatable gas flow control enables ultra-trace C-H-N-S-O analysis.

Elemental Analysis (EA) techniques are becoming increasingly important, with a variety of applications in environmental, food and chemical industries. Gas flow control that is repeatable across a wide dynamic range is a prerequisite for high-performance ultra-trace elemental analysis.

High-performance elemental analysis using Axetris MFCs

A range of applications for solid sample analysis
Elemental Analysis – a generic term referring to mass fraction determination of C, H, N, S and O atoms – has become increasingly important with increasing environmental consciousness and regulations. Techniques such as Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Total Organic Halides (TOX) are used for elemental determination in water and soil quality testing, as well as for quality determination in petrochemical, polymer and food industries.

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