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AppliTek to meet Chinese senior officials in port of Antwerp


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On the occasion of this week’s port days in Antwerp, AppliTek CEO David Laurier will have a meeting with the members of a select Chinese delegation who are visiting the port. Among the highly placed government officials there will be:

Mr. Xiangdon Zhu - Vice Mayor, People's Government of Lanzhou Municipality

Mr. Baojian Wang - Vice Party Secretary of Guiyang city

Mr. Huamin Wu - Chairman Inner Mongolia Federation

Mr. Ming Pan - Vice Mayor, People's Government of Zhuhai Municipality.

The proposed agenda of the meeting is to discuss water preservation and carbon emission reduction, as well as the remarkable progress China has made in terms of environmental protection, with an economy still in steep development.

The port of Antwerp is unique to its location in Belgium, the heart of Europe, and the combination of cargo handling, industry and logistic facilities. With handling, storage and customs facilities that are tailored to the needs of Chinese shippers, Europe’s second largest port has become one of China’s preferred business partners.

For more information on the proposed agenda, please contact our CEO.

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