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Apply proper gas-detector technology to hazards


Inadvertent toxic or combustible gas releases present safety challenges in many industries and can create hazardous situations. Detecting unwanted gas releases should be an objective for decreasing the hazards to workers, equipment, and surrounding areas.

Risks from gas leaks can take on many forms, and there are three main types of gas hazards: combustible, toxic, and oxygen (O2) depletion.

With different types of gases come different types of gas detection technologies. The technologies discussed in this article are described as fixed detection devices. A fixed detector is a detector that is permanently placed in a location where potential gas leaks might occur, and most gas detector manufacturers offer the following types of fixed-detection devices: point, open-path, acoustic, or sampling systems.

Read this recently published article from International Fire Protection (written by Brian Quick of Det-Tronics) for more information about detection choices for combustible and toxic gases, placement of gas detectors, and third-party certifications to standards.

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