Apprentice Training


Source: WES Ltd / Weschem Ltd

Having recognised the shortage of workshop engineering skills in the UK, WES implemented a traditional apprenticeship scheme 4 years ago to ensure that the WES workforce maintained the skills necessary to manufacture the systems producedSupported by Basingstoke college of technology, the apprentices go to college on a day release and evening basis and spend the rest of the week in the workshop environment learning the skills required to manufacture Chemical dosing systems.

Many of the skills required for Chemical dosing system manufacture are not generally available from other forms of engineering training and skills such as fabrication and welding of the various types of chemically resistant thermoplastics are only available from actual hands-on workshop experiences.

By year 3 of their training they have gained enough experience to be valuable assets to the existing skilled workforce and are able to undertake most of the various manufacturing procedures without assistance.

Two apprentices have now completed their four year apprenticeship and continue with WES as fully qualified engineers. Two others are in years 2 & 3 respectively.

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