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Apprion Dramatically Improves Industrial Safety With ION Safety Shower Application


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Wireless, Rugged Technology Can Be Installed in Remote Hazardous Locations and Helps Industrial Facilities Meet Industry Mandates

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 04/17/12 -- Apprion, the leader in industrial wireless application systems and services, today unveiled its ION Safety Shower Application that monitors safety shower and eye wash station activation when an employee exposed to hazardous materials activates a safety shower or eye wash station.

In the oil, gas, and chemical processing industries, accidents with chemicals and other hazardous materials are all too common. While regulations require safety showers and eye wash stations in industrial facilities, they do not require alerts to others who could help the injured worker nor do they require maintenance schedules to check if the stations are functioning properly.

In response to customer concerns, Apprion developed the ION Safety Shower Application, which constantly monitors the station's functionality and availability and wirelessly transmits notifications to control rooms and First Responders when a safety shower or eye wash is activated. This speeds response time, which means injured employees can be treated for small injuries before they develop into more serious ones.

'Personnel safety is the top concern for all industrial facilities. By extending our safety application offering with the ION Safety Shower Application, we are helping facilities get that much closer to no incidents, no injuries and a truly safe industrial working environment,' said Jason Glende, Apprion's VP of North American Sales.

The ION Safety Shower -- the latest addition to the ION Condition Monitoring Application family -- provides a cost-effective, real-time solution that greatly increases the safety of all field personnel, dramatically improves the outcome of emergency situations, and enhances employee peace of mind. ION Safety Shower is a part of the integrated ION System which includes applications for Location, Communications, System Monitoring, Video and Mobility. As a result, ION Safety Shower can be easily combined in a single dashboard with other applications such as Video and Emergency Notification to provide managers with real-time safety shower and eye wash alerts, concurrent video monitoring and emergency communications for a comprehensive safety solution.

The ION Application monitors and reports the status and health of communication links and the health of the entire safety system. Additional benefits include continuous monitoring of shower devices, which reduces the cost of manual inspections. The application offers automated record-keeping for safety audits, and improved Environmental Health & Safety standards. ION Safety Shower Application also provides time-stamping and trending reports.

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